Andrew Chang 張詠沂

I am a PhD student in the Auditory Development Lab, supervised by Dr. Laurel J. Trainor, at McMaster University. I am fascinated by many topics in cognitive science, including hearing, timing, attention, and social interaction.

Currently, I am investigating how human process dynamic auditory information and their reactions. The daily communication and social interaction activities are highly dynamic and complicated, because we have to capture the fleeting information in sounds to perceive it, and instantaneous coordination is required for performing successful responses with others.

My primary research includes (1) whether prediction and attention facilitate processing dynamic auditory information, (2) how our brains (especially, the neural oscillatory activities) enable us to perform such dynamic tasks, (3) how these psychological and neural mechanisms developed from childhood to adulthood, and (4) how these mechanisms are implemented for real-world social interaction.

Depending on the scientific appropriateness, I combine various research methods for my investigations from different aspects, which includes (but not limited to) behavioral experiment, psychophysics, computational modeling, EEG, and motion capture. I have been working with adults, musicians, and children on a single individual or in a multipersonal environment.

I completed my BS in Psychology at the National Taiwan University. I was investigating the neural mechanisms of cognitive control using EEG, supervised by Dr. Chien-Chung Chen and Dr. Chiang-Shan Ray Li (Yale University).

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